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Models for Integral Eco Living

Developing and Creating working models of sustainable eco-homes, eco-communities and green energy production world wide. We will show the mainstream consciousness how, why and by how much, the New Earth Consciousness and Integral ways of living is the most beneficial way to live in harmony as one on Earth.

Eco Homes

Carbon Negative house building

– Timber and Cobb
– Timber and Hempcrete
– Timber and Straw bales
– Bio Domes
– Earth Stations

Off Grid energy sustainability

– Solar panals
– Make your own solar panels ~ See link: Instruction video – Make your own Solar Panels
– Anaerobic digesters ~ See link: – Anaerobic digestion

Natural Hemp the answer to global sustainability

– An alternative to hydrocarbons
– A cure for cancer
– Natural Health
– Natural Medicine

Eco – Technology