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Our Ventrilo Chat


This page contains details and free software links to down load Ventrilo.  

It is an easy tools for instant, free, global connections, for collaboration, support, friendship and even Love.



New Earth Ventrilo Voice Server   (Does not have video for low data usage)




To use it you will need to download the Client Server appropriate for you computer type. Please click on the Ventrilo Logos or Highlighted text to go to Ventrilo download page.

Please follow the simple instructions. It only takes about 5 minutes to download, set up and start using it.

When it is downloaded you will need to SET UP the Server to Connect with Our Private and Secure Server.

You will need to Click on the small triangles on the right of some of the empty boxes.

Server Details

  1. Add your name you wish to be known as
  2. SELECT SERVER ICON  (pop up box appears)
  3. SERVER NAME: CLICK NEW. Then Type in New Earth Centre in SERVER NAME BOX
  4. HOSTNAME OR IP: Put in –
  5. PORTNAME: 5784
  6. PASSWORD: newearth

Please ignore the other boxes. It is done.

Save and return to the main software.


  1. Select New Earth Centre from the drop down box if it is now already showing.
  2. Click and enter our Sacred Room of Co-Creation.


You can also message our co-creator admins at our Facebook Page below

Our Global Hub is: ~ New Earth Centre Global


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