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About Us


We are an alliance for the co-creation and Grounding of the New Earth Consciousness to Co-Create our Shared New Earth together and Allow full Integral Human Development and Planetary Sustainability.

This Website is Intended to provide a Portal For Co-creation and Connection for US ALL. To Allow Healing, assistance, support and a source of Information and a Portal to enable to to freely contact  Your Brothers and Sisters with similar missions and Hearts.




The New Earth Centre is a connection portal for GLOBAL CO-OPERATION aimed to contribute towards the integral development of humankind and planetary sustainability.

It is a brotherhood/sisterhood for “All Human Tribes” based upon a Culture of Peace and *Biophilia – appreciation and respect to all life systems, levels of consciousness and diversity (cultural, religious, ethnical…)

It is an ideological organization serving the co-creation of new paradigms for human and planetary evolution.

Our first goal is to reunite partners (people and institutions) from diverse countries, cultures and fields of knowledge, to work towards the manifestation of New Earth´s reality, world’s peace and collective prosperity.



  1. Unify visions about the new paradigm(s) for life on Earth.
  2. Create a web of co-operation, connecting diverse knowledge and potentialities to develop viable models of sustainable communities for integral living.
  3. Act as an interconnection point for initiatives aimed at the evolutionary process of life systems, humanity and the Earth.
  4. Form a global web of partnerships to expand the teaching, the application of and further development of environmental and social technologies in diverse countries, respecting cultural diversity.




  • Integral health and wellness
  • Social-economical equanimity and justice
  • Scientific and technological accessibility
  • Environmental sustainability
  • ECOnomic alternatives
  • Worldwide political democracy
  • Spiritual evolution

*BIOPHILIA – in essence means Love to Life


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