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Spirituality and Yoga

Yoga Postures:
Yoga Posture 21    This Posture is called the Butterfly. Put the sols of your feet together and press your knees towards the floor. It opens your pelvic area.

Yoga Posture 20   A good posture for relaxation. Lying on your front had turned to one side (alternate)

Yoga Posture 19   Catch your toes with your fingers and create a wheel

Yoga Posture 18   Hold your ankles with your hands and swing up and down

Yoga200 Posture 17   Put your chin into your hands and contemplate

Yoga Posture 14   This reminds me of a baby relaxing

Yoga Posture 13   Stretch your arms and keep the spine strait

Yoga Posture 12  This posture is called the wheel, opens up your intuition

Yoga Posture 16   Can you do this ?

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