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Integrale Quantentherapie


Iris Zukowski


My name is Iris Zukowski. I have been working since 1996 as a psychologist and hypnotherapist (according to Milton Erickson).
My worldview and life are shaped by the findings of quantum physics, Buddhism and the psychology of C. G. Jung.

After many years as a scientific researcher and the as a leading psychologist of a private institution, focusing on anxiety, panic, and burnout therapy, I further developed the classical school-therapeutic approach in the consciousness of the new age into holistic and integrative therapies.

Integral quantum therapy is intended for people who are looking for a scientifically-based, holistic solution for their problems and tasks in life.
INTEGRAL QUANTUM THERAPY IS a therapy of listening

Integral quantum therapy is an integrative approach that combines several therapeutic methods. Psychology, cognitive psychology, and coaching approaches are extended using the Hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson.

The findings of modern brain research of the neural plasticity of the brain are used, with the help of an individual audio hypnosis, to establish the desired changes and steps of development of the subconscious at a neutral level of the client’s brain.
The desired changes will be generated from the inside out gently and stable. The application will be experienced as pleasant, harmonizing body, mind and soul.

The result is a holistic process of therapy and solution that is initiated on all levels of consciousness and matches with the personality of the client and its individual problems.

Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 328 494 10

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