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Ellie ShiningLight



Vortex of Healing

♥ PLEASE BE HEALED HERE & NOW ♥ This healing portal is available to ALL with enormous power that is growing each day. ♥ AND SO IT ALREADY IS ♥
The Vortex of Healing community is about primarily working TOGETHER to connect telepathically, center ourselves and practice attuning our healing energies with one another, the world and those who need healing.

Please embed your highest healing and loving energies and prayers into our energy Vortex of Healing. As you focus, allow it to also heal anything that may ache, worry you, feel wrong, and anything that may feel “off”. We are creating a healing portal available to ALL with enormous power that is growing and building each day. Visualize it manifesting with all our fellow Angels and Ascended Masters. Please post your affirmations and prayers for this vortex. YOUR ENERGY IS INCREDIBLY POWERFUL AND ADDS ENORMOUSLY TO THIS MANIFESTATION!!!! Thank you for your spirit of Healing and Inspiration…